Learning Welsh for All

Sentences from previous weeks

Ga i….? Ga i pensil?
Ga i rwber?
Ga i paent?
Can i have….?

Ble mae’r …..? Dyma fe!        Where is the…..? Here is is.
Ble mae’r pensil? Dyma fe!     Where is the pencil? Here is is.
Ble mae’r rwber? Dyma fe!     Where is the rubber? Here is is.
Ble mae’r papur? Dyma fe!     Where is the paper? Here is is.

Beth wyt ti’n wneud?             What are you doing? 
Rydw i’n………                      I am…..
Rydw i’n chwarae.                 I am playing. 
Rydw i’n peintio.                   I am painting. 
Rydw i’n darllen.                   I am reading. 
Rydw i’n gweithio.                 I am working.

Pa ddiwrnod yw hi heddiw?    What day is it today?
Dydd …… yw hi heddiw.        It is …… today
Dydd Llun yw hi heddiw.        It is Monday today
Dydd Mawrth yw hi heddiw.   It is Tuesday today
Dydd Mercher yw hi heddiw.  It is Wednesday today

Beth sy gyda ty?    What have you got?

Mae……gyda fi.     I have got a……

Mae pensil gyda fi.    Mae rwber gyda fi.

A List of Suitable Welsh 2nd Language Apps

Download this list as a PDF

Here’s a handy list of Welsh websites for people learning Welsh as a second language 

Dinolingo (learn Welsh): https://dinolingo.com/languages/welsh.html

Dinolingo games: https://dinolingo.com/learn/welsh-for-kids/welsh-games

Learn Welsh: https://www.learn-welsh.net/welshgames

Astroantics (games): http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/learning/astroantics/

Penigamp!: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/learning/penigamp/