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In Old Road School, we believe in 3 over arching rules which encompasses everything we do and everything we believe in:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Healthy and Safe

The School’s Agreement

  • Ensure that children are taught in a safe and stimulating environment
  • Value children as individuals and work to develop their self esteem and sense of responsibility

  • Encourage pupils to behave positively towards themselves and other members of the school community

  • Teach a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum to all our pupils

  • Encourage children to become independent and enthusiastic learners

  • Provide a range of experiences both inside and outside the classroom that develop children morally, academically, spiritually and socially

  • Keep parents/ carers informed about the topics to be taught in each term and about their children’s progress through regular meetings

  • Be welcoming to parents/ carers and offer opportunities for parents/careers to become involved in the life of the school

The Parents’/ Carers’ Agreement

  • Ensure that my child comes to school regularly and on time, ready to learn
  • Inform the school of the reason for my child’s’ absence on the first day

  • Ensure that the school has up to date emergency contact numbers

  • Let the school know about any issues that may affect my child’s progress or wellbeing

  • Send my child to school in school uniform

  • Provide my child with any equipment needed for school

  • Attend parents’ evenings to discuss my child’s progress

  • Support my child with homework, reading and learning multiplication tables

  • Support all the school’s policies and guidelines including behaviour and equal opportunities.

The Pupil’s Agreement

  • Treat others in the way I wish to be treated and keep the school rules

  • Behave sensibly and safely at all times

  • Work hard and let other children get on with their work

  • Take good care of the school environment and equipment

  • Do my homework and bring it to school on time

  • Take pride in my school by wearing school uniform

A digital copy of the agreement can be found on the documents page